Gabrielle Union Lands Leading Role In New Drama ‘Breaking In’

Gabrielle Union has no intentions on stalling her career as an executive producer.

Union is reuniting with ?Being Mary Jane? producer, Will Packer, to executive produce the drama-thriller, ?Breaking In.? Directed by ?V for Vendetta? filmmaker, James McTeigue, and starring Union, the motion picture will chronicle a woman fighting to protect her family during a home-invasion, according to Variety.

The actress has previously produced the series, ?Being Mary Jane,? TV movie, ?With This Ring,? and the motion picture ?Almost Christmas.?

In 2016, Union told Forbes why she became interested in producing.

?There is something to be said for having talent as producers,? the actress explained. ?No one knows what it?s like to be us, so sometimes the experience that is created for talent is not always the most conducive for creating the best work environment.?

?From deciding who is hired in the hair and make-up department, to choosing who?s hired for the camera and lighting department ? there?s really something to be said about the power of creating a better experience for talent. It in turn benefits everybody, because it really just benefits the bottom line. That?s where my interest came in,? she said.

Production for ?Breaking In? begins in July in Los Angeles.

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This Is Why A Hot Drink Will Actually Cool You Down

The last thing you probably want to do on a sweltering day is sit down with a mug of hot tea, but science tells us that this in fact is the best way to cool down. It seems counter-intuitive, we know, but the explanation makes sense.

It all has to do with sweat.

Drinking a hot drink increases the body?s heat load and the body responds to that by sweating. The output of sweat is greater than the internal heat gain, and this is where it all starts to make sense ? when the sweat evaporates from the skin, it cools us down.

The sweat increases heat loss and reduces body heat storage. Good info to know, and it?s all thanks to Ollie Jay ? a researcher at University of Ottawa?s School of Human Kinetic ? and the research he published in 2012.

Our bodies sweat when we drink something hot because of nerve receptors on our tongue. When our tongue receives the information that a hot beverage is being consumed, it sends that info along to the brain, which then sets about to cool down the body by sweating. 

But, there?s a little caveat you should know about. If you?re drinking a hot drink in an environment where the sweat won?t evaporate ? like somewhere hot and humid ? that hot drink probably won?t do the trick. You might want to stick to a cold beverage if that?s the case. 

?The hot drink still does add a little heat to the body, so if the sweat?s not going to assist in evaporation, go for a cold drink,? Jay told

We recommend iced coffee, of course.

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